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2009 Foals

14 / 08 /2009


Diva and Reality have done it again - The first foal of the season - a lovely chestnut (?) filly with a blaze - she's leggeeee and fine......

Realy Just beyond Has been SOLD - Congratulations to her new owners and WELCOME to the world of MINIATURES - be assured I will look after her until you pick her up and I will be presenting her at the shows as best I can.

(photos taken at 30 hours and 10 weeks)



Knell After All has had a real nice filly by Reality - a chestnut pinto this time - it is a typical Reality foal with heaps of leg and a nice tight barrel

At her first show this gorgeous LITTLE filly won her class was second in movement and second in the head class which was for both A's and B's (beaten only by another REALITY daughter.

Above And Beyond has been SOLD - I will really miss this sweet little filly - but a big CONGRATULATIONS to her new owners

(photos taken at 26 hours and 6 weeks)



Pinehaven Milly Molly Mandy has had a colt by Knell Beyond Reality - no it's not a pintaloosa but a real dark liver chestnut blanket appaloosa with a tiny spot on it's head.

This BEAUTIFUL colt WILL be out in the show ring.

He is for sale as a colt or with a gelding contract.

This lovely colt has been SOLD and he is really wowing them in the show ring (Photos taken at 27 hours and 6 weeks)



Knell Dark Angel has had another foal by Reality - he is a full BROTHER to Wichity Woman - who has just gone Supreme at the SECMHC Spring Spectacular Show - and yes it has that same exotic head - this is a mating I will be repeating. This little leggy guy is a solid chestnut with a blaze - and he is definately right up to show standard.

This colt is AMHA registered with a TOP pedigree - having many generations of AMHA registrations and featuring such outstanding horses as Bond Sir Galahd - Bond Snippet - Bond Showboy - Roy Toy Snippetts Thistledown Daisy and Bond Thumelina as well as Martin Boozers After Dark and the awesome pedigree of KNell Beyond Reality - horses that have won at the highest level in America.

His half sister was National Champion in 2008 - his full sister was Reserve National Champion and Reserve National Grand Champion in 2009 and she is taking Supremes this year - a half sister was Supreme in Region 5 - a half brother was Supreme at the Rotorua A&P Show another half brother was Runner Up Supreme at Region 1 and this guy is quiet capable of winning Supremes - he is a stunning colour very short coupled with a beautiful neck-set along with a beautiful head and has total over-all balance.

He is for sale and is priced to sell at $7500.00 +GST - I envisage he will finish at around 33.00"

(Photos at 15 hours and 6 weeks)



Double Diamond Magnificent Obsesion's foal by Reality is a Sorrel Pinto colt - there is some lovely breeding in this little guy - he was a bit hairy when he was born - but look at him now - He is real Leggy and refined - and look at the beautiful head on his dam.

This colt is AMHA registered and has 9 generations of AMHA registrations in his breeding - with Sierra Dawn Unos De Mayo - Unos Monarch - Brewers Orion Mystic - Orion Light Vant Huttenest - Gold Melody Boy - and FWF Little Blue Boy combined with the prepotent bloodlines of KNell Beyond Reality you have a colt here that will be of great benefit to the Miniature Horse industry.

He is for sale and is priced at $6000.00 - I think this guy will be around 33.5"

(Photos at 5 hours and 5 weeks)



Wee Equine Acres Henryetta has a colt by Reality - Henny is one of my favourite mares and yes - I would have definately prefered a filly - however he is a real nice little guy with a lovely head and I'm sure he will have the same beautiful neck set that both his mother and father have - and as sure as heck he'll be able to MOOOVE

The Prowler has been SOLD and yes he is showing well - congratulations to the new Owners (Photos taken at 35 hours and 4 weeks)



Longwoods Double Your Bets COLT by Reality is also a real attractive leggy fella - he is a full brother to Totara Creek Realy Debnose Best - a stunning LITTLE filly that showed well last year and will definately be out again this season.

He is for sale and will be sold with a gelding contract and is priced to sell.

(Photos at 36 hours and 4 weeks)



SMHC's Some Kind A Wonderful has had a COLT by REALITY - it is leggy and tight barreled - just like I would have expected and it is going to be a real mover just like his mum.

This boy is developing beautifully and will really WOW!!! them in the show-ring

He is for sale and is priced at $5500.00

(Photos at 29 hours and 2 months)



Oh WOW!!!! - SMHC's Amazing Grace has had a colt by REALITY - yeh - I definately wanted a filly - but yes - it does help when it is a colt that is so CORRECT - he is a bay pinto and going by the amount of paw prints he could well be homozygous - this little guy is amazing - he is developing beautifully and he has the incredible nature of his mother and father.

He is now for sale and I can't imagine he will last long because he is really something special - he is priced at $6500.00

(Photos taken at 22 hours - 4 days and 2 months)

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