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The Creek  

The fascination with genetics is something that, at a very young age I developed partly due to the fact that my father was an Ayrshire Cattle breeder but more so, because of my involvement with my Holstein Friesian dairy herd and my strong belief that correct conformation is the ultimate goal in profitability.

In my mind I set a standard of perfection that I would strive to attain - and I set myself a breeding goal to that end. Even though with the knowledge that one knows that perfection will never be achieved, it still became my focus.



During the ensuing years the world was searched for the genetics that would continually raise the standard of the very strong cow family being developed at the farm where "BELROSE" had become a household name in the Holstein Friesian industry in New Zealand.

But for the loss of my Wife this is where I would still be today.

My awe at the magnificence of the Arabian horse was always held in check because of my commitment to the cattle industry and my admiration to the Miniature in the early 90's was likewise quashed.

A change of direction and the quandary of what to do with the 20 acres of land that I had purchased at Ngarua saw me rule in favour of the addictive Mini and the establishment of TOTARA CREEK


Prior to Christmas 2005 an extensive journey around the United States and up into Canada resulted in the purchase of a stallion and three fillies that would be suitable foundation stock for the breeding program in mind. Two New Zealand bred fillies with full American bloodlines were also purchased.

Again in 2007 I returned and toured around North America visiting many studs and searching for the top genetics I could find, along the way going to both the AMHR National Show and the AMHA World Show (this is an experience I can reccomend to all)

This journey resulted with the purchase of 6 more Miniature fillies and two American Modern Shetlands.

I returned to the States again in 2008 for the AMHA World Show - and this time the purchase of a young colt was finalized.

With the purchase of an American filly via the internet - an additional new Zealand bred filly with strong American bloodlines the foundation for the Totara Creek breeding program was set.

In 2012 Totara Creek was relocated just 2 kilometres from Morrinsville on a 19 acre block that was purchased and is being developed.


I strongly believe the quality of the American Miniature Horse is the best in the World and feel that we must take advantage of their years of breeding experience.

In my mind I am still setting that same standard of perfection - that unattainable goal - but that ultimate challenge.

Again, the world will be searched for the best genetics to help take the Miniature Horse closer to its Arabian counterpart.

It is an inexplicable driving force.

It is a passion.


I am looking forward to meeting you at some future date and please feel free to contact me and/or come and see my horses any time.

I now invite you to browse my website.

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