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Fillies: WF Zeus Cabernet

DOB: 16-02-2007

I had always wanted a BUCKSKIN, but maintained you never just buy a horse for it's colour - well in this case - I NEVER.

CABERNET is a very well balanced filly that could well make it into the show-ring and she has that all important ingredient - PEDIGREE.

Her lovely dam - WF PATTONS SPRING FEVER (who has now been sold to Alliance Minitures) is one of the very best daughters of GLENNS GENERAL PATTON and with the combination of BUCK ZEUS - CABERNET'S father - it makes a very interesting tie up fo bloodlines.

There are four crosses of that incredible GOLD MELODY BOY stallion who seems to appear in the pedigrees of the majority of top horses, combining with that two crosses of ROAN RANGER along with BUCKEROO - ZEUS - FLYING W FARMS LITTLE BLUE BOY - KING TUT - HUSSELERS STAR - JIM DANDY - GENERAL PATTON - SAD ZAC - RICHTERS APACHE and DIPPERS DUFFY.

Surely that's a good enough reason to buy a horse and especially a BUCKSKIN - oh yes! - and definitely one that looks like CABERNET.

The 2 mature photos of Cabernet were taken when she was 8 months pregnant

WF Zeus Cabernet

WF Zeus Cabernet

WF Zeus Cabernet

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