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For Sale

TOTARA CREEK has some of the best and most modern genetics that are available in America and New Zealand today.

The majority of my horses have strong and full AMHA pedigrees with only one of them going back to a hard-shipped mare.

Some of them have won at the AMHA or AMHR shows in the States with practically all of them being able to claim in their ancestry - and/or having siblings with - many titles in the USA or Europe.

I am now mating the only 2 two year old daughters I have of KNELL BEYOND REALITY and it is heartening to me to see that they actually do look like the "HORSE IN MINIATURE" that we all TALK about but all too rarely see.

I am now convinced that the focus and the decisions I have made - and the horses I have chosen have been ones that will continue to elevate the New Zealand Miniature Horse to a higher level on the world stage.

I will be selling some horses this year - if you see any on my website that interest you please feel free to make enquiries regarding their sale status.

The cost of importing horses of this calibre into New Zealand is becoming prohibitive - however you now have the opportunity of acquiring top genetics at a realistic price

Totara Creek Realitys Spritzer

This lovely buckskin pinto yearling colt is only 31" and he has a pedigree to die for. He will be making his debut in the showring soon!

More about Totara Creek Realitys Spritzer >>

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